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  • Luxxe Renew Best Detoxifying Anti-Aging Product
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Luxxe Renew 8 Berry Extract

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Luxxe Renew is a “super” antioxidant supplement that infuses the magical effects of 8 SUPER BERRIES in ONE MEGA CAPSULE.

Luxxe Renew 8 Berry Extract awarded “Best and Most Effective Anti-Aging Supplement on the market” and “Best Detoxifying Anti-Aging Product”. 

Luxxe Renew is an all-in-one anti-aging supplement Super Antioxidant in 1 Mega Capsule. A mixture of Acai berry, Pomegranate, Goji, Mangosteen, Noni, Cranberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry. All hailed worldwide as "Superfoods"

  • Pomegranate (100mg) - Fiber-rich fruit that is good for the heart.

  • Noni fruit (100mg) - The powerful “Superfood”.

  • Blackberry (25mg) - Rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

  • Cranberry (50mg) - Abundant source of Polyphenol and Phytochemicals.

  • Acai berry (100mg) - The perfect energy berry.

  • Mangosteen (100mg) - Rich with Phytochemicals.

  • Goji berry (100mg) - Rich in Beta-carotene.

  • Blueberry (25mg) - Oxidative stress fighter.

These 8 essential berries may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals from food that we eat and environmental factors such as pollution, harmful sunlight, smoking, and alcohol.

Luxxe Renew may also help slow down the skin’s aging process and may hinder the formation of wrinkles and unsightly marks related to aging.

Luxxe Renew may also help regulate metabolism and burn fat, lower total cholesterol, and boost one’s immunity. An elixir to preserve the youth in everyone and revive their youthful glow.

8 powerful berries are now in your hands to Renew the way you look both inside and out. A reconciliation of youth, energy, and vibe to your life - Luxxe Renew. 

Benefits of Luxxe Renew 

Luxxe Renew Supports Healthy Skin Aging and is Effective at Helping Skin Look Younger, Fresher, and Firmer. Effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Raises the bar for health and beauty products. It allows you to look and feel vibrant while bringing the utmost rejuvenation.


  • Anti-Aging

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Anti-Diabetes

  • Elimination of leukemia cells

  • Prevention of UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

  • Improves eyesight

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Good for the heart

  • Improvement of one’s body circulation

  • Good for people having insomnia

  • Good for people having migraines and headaches.

  • luxxe white and luxxe renew the combination for anti-aging.

  • Luxxe Renew will help you reveal your brightest and most beautiful skin.

  • Luxxe Renew reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  • It helps your skin look younger, fresher, and firmer.

  • It supports healthy skin against aging and it’s very effective as many of the product users are very satisfied with the result.

  • Improve Metabolism for Safe and Healthy Weight Loss

  • Better Digestion and improved circulation

  • Raises the bar for health and beauty products.

  • It allows you to look and feel vibrant while bringing the utmost rejuvenation.

  • Groundbreaking health and beauty product that combines the most powerful ingredients from various parts of the world.

  • May Help Improve Blood Sugar and Insulin Response.

  • High in Fiber.

  • Provide Many Nutrients

  • The Antioxidants in Them Help Fight Inflammation

  • May Help Lower Cholesterol Levels

  • May Be Good for Your Skin

  • Berry Antioxidants May Help Protect Against Cancer

  • Berries Can Be Enjoyed on Nearly All Types of Diets

  • They May Help Keep Your Arteries Healthy

  • Anti-aging

  • boost the immune system

  • antioxidants

  • anti-stress

  • it helps to get better eyesight

  • helps with weight loss

  • helps to get better sleep

  • helps prevent UTI, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and more.

What else does Luxxe Renew Do?

  • Increases energy levels

  • high in antioxidants

  • high in B vitamins that help with our nerves

  • has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

  • high in potassium and vita c which helps boost our immune system

Body Reaction

  • you feel a sudden urge to poop, but it's not diarrhea or LBM

  • Energized

  • you naturally blush

  • some have said they felt youthful and energized in bedtime activities with partners.

How to Take Luxxe Renew

  • in the morning 30 minutes after a meal (especially if you can't tolerate citrus or citric acid on an empty stomach).

  • 1 to 2 capsules a day should be appropriate.

  • Don’t give to people with a history of kidney stone formations.

  • Don't give these to people with no tolerance for high levels of potassium. 

Luxxe Renew is 100% made in the USA by AIE Pharmaceuticals. FDA and HALAL Approved certified GMP

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