Why Can't I Cash Out or Use My All Access Wallet? What to Do?

Why can't I cash out or use my all access wallet? What to do?

Option 1:

Go to nearest Frontrow office have your photo taken and also bring a valid ID. After this step, please wait at least 3-5 working days for the documents to be processed, verified and approved.

Option 2:

If unable/inaccessible to go to a nearby Frontrow office, you may email us at wtfrt+affidavit@mantishub.io with attached clear picture of your (selfie) holding your valid ID and a picture of the valid ID.

Subject: Request for CSR Verification

Unique IDs:
Registered Email:
Registered Phone:
Valid ID:
Selfie holding the Valid ID:


Please be informed that these verifications are necessary to ensure the security of your Frontrow all access account.

Why Can't I Cash Out or Use My All Access Wallet What to Do

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