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Momoland Frontrow

One of South Korea’s most loved girl groups, Momoland, hit the Philippine shores with a BAAM as the newest addition to the FRONTROW Believers family. The “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM” hit makers and FRONTROW share the same characteristics - both have unique and irresistible charms that make them iconic magnets to sweet success.

“So you get with FRONTROW – you can look good, you can also feel good, you can also sit in the FRONTROW.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

The reigning Miss Universe and South African model Demi-Leigh stands out not only because of her stunning beauty but also because of her fearless nature and genuine warmth. Truly a beaming ray of sunshine, this beauty queen keeps that energetic smile and glow (despite her overwhelming day-to-day schedule) with the help of FRONTROW’s anti-aging LUXXE Renew 8-Berry Extract Supplement and energizing LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract.

Crowned in the Philippines in 2016, this country and the Filipinos have a very special place in the heart of the French Miss Universe Mittenaere. Hence her support for FRONTROW who provides a life-changing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines and all over the Universe.

Iris Mittenaere
Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 and “My Perfect You” star Pia Wurtzbach is certainly a perfect Miss Universe as she continues her advocacies like serving as the UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for Asia-Pacific. A true Filipino pride, Pia shares the same views as FRONTROW in uplifting the Filipino people by providing them lasting career opportunities.

“A positive aura will reflect when you are kind to the people around you, take good rest, exercise and of course make sure that you are taking the right supplements.”

Filipino actor
Kathryn Bernardo As the true face of fresh, natural and youthful beauty, Kathryn is a true believer of FRONTROW’s Instant Skin Perfecting DD Stick which is 100% made in Korea.

“Through the years I’ve learned to take care of myself and love myself even more.”

“Find a partner that will help you, motivate you and encourage you to reach your fitness goals. For me my perfect fitness partner is Solenn and, of course, LUXXE Slim”

“To maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, everything has to come together and work together. And it all feels more complete now that I’ve found LUXXE Slim”

“There’s only one FRONTROW and that’s the one I trust.”

She looks like an angel, but is as fierce as a fox… Ellen Adarna, social media Goddess and television personality, is best known for her sexy body and flawless appearance. A boxing and yoga enthusiast, Ellen stays on top of her game by constantly breaking a sweat. This fun-loving vixen has also proven her on-screen abilities by starring at ABS-CBN’s Pasion de Amor, Langit Lupa, and Wansapanatym’s ‘Amazing Ving’. Ellen flaunts sexy, white, well nourished skin, and an even skin tone, through regular use of FRONTROW’s NEW ultra hydrating Instabright Body Crème.

“We guys like to keep it simple. FRONTROW’s DD Stick allows us to keep things simple while providing the skin coverage we need.”

Reigning over the Universe and the Dance Floor forever, Ms. Universe Dayanara Torres is now also a super mom to two wonderful boys. Dayanara proves that being a mother shouldn’t keep a woman from the spotlight as she remains to be the epitome of timeless and ethereal beauty. Dayanara is a true believer of LUXXE Renew Eight Berry Extract.

“A healthy life means a happy life. Thanks to FRONTROW’s LUXXE products, I can continue to do the things I love despite my hectic schedule.”

Bb. Pilipinas Universe Bianca Manalo absolutely sizzles on print ads and on television. A naturally talented actress, Bianca Manalo proved her ability to make us (both) laugh and cry through her appearance in sit-coms and soap operas including recent prime time hit On the Wings of Love. Bianca is a true believer of LUXXE Slim L-Carnitine and Green Tea Extract and LUXXE Protect Pure Grapeseed Extract.

“Proud to be a part of Frontrow, a global company that inspires entrepreneurship and promotes empowerment. So blessed to have met so many wonderful, amazing and hard working people from this esteemed group.”

“Let’s move together and be in the Frontrow. Take action now and join us to a better life.”

“I take LUXXE health supplements before I work out, these are great supplements that help me with my stamina and my energy. I think everybody should take these.”

A star at the Volleyball Court and also on TV, Michelle Gumabao is now also gaining popularity from her television and print appearances. This “Lady Spiker”, who was the co-captain and MVP of the DLSU Volleyball team, has become a household name because of her mad blocking moves. Despite her overwhelmingly busy schedule from her showbiz and volleyball career, Michelle Gumabao is a loud and proud associate of FRONTROW and consumer of LUXXE products. So I guess we know where this young lady gets her radiance and energy from… ;)

The young and fresh-faced Star Magic talent who we recently saw at prime time serye Ang Probinsyano does not only take after his sister’s athleticism and good looks. Just like Michelle Gumabao, Marco Gumabao chooses to soar high and live the FRONTROW life. Setting foot in showbiz while he was still in school, Marco continues to shine in front of the camera and now also enjoys a buff physique with the help of FRONTROW’s LUXXE Health and Beauty products.

Good looks, good moves and a good heart led Kit Cunanan to triumph at That’s My Tomboy search in a popular noontime show. Representing the lesbian community as the Grand Winner of this unforgettable search, Kit remains to be a good role model and an ambassador of the LGBT community. Recently recognized as a “Celebrity-Entrepreneur Trailblazer”, we also see Kit Cunanan in an entrepreneurial light as a promising and aggressive FRONTROW distributor. Kit Cunanan is a true believer of LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione.

“We live and breathe FRONTROW. The reason behind our glow are the multi-awarded LUXXE products.”