Fake Frontrow Luxxe Products

Fake Frontrow Luxxe Products (Beware!)

Please Beware! Your Health and Safety Are Our Main Priority!!!
Despite our efforts to control the circulation of FAKE FRONTROW LUXXE PRODUCTS we’ve come to discover online shops that continue to offer such.
To ensure your health and safety, please take note of the site names below (that offer Counterfeit Luxxe Products) and make sure to purchase only sealed LUXXE products from an AUTHORIZED FRONTROW DISTRIBUTOR, at the suggested retail price.
We apologize for this and commit to pursue the eradication of FAKE LUXXE PRODUCTS in the market—which will be more possible if no one supports such counterfeit items.
Thank you! 

- Sam Verzosa (Frontrow CEO)

How to check and identify if luxxe white is authentic or original Luxxe products? See below image of details selling fake Frontrow Luxxe products.

Fake Frontrow Luxxe Products

For original and authentic Frontrow luxxe products you can buy directly here.

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