Frontrow International Opens New Office at Orchard Road Singapore

Frontrow Singapore Office

Frontrow International Opens Its Doors At Orchard Road Singapore.

From towering skyscrapers to lush, green, parks, you will never run out of things to see and do at Singapore.

May it be an exciting day at Universal Studios, long calming breaths at Gardens by the Bay, an evening with the lions at the Night Safari or simply hopping around famous eateries and night spots… this city truly has a lot to offer.

Beautiful, orderly and extremely modern, how can one not think of starting a life in Singapore?

The city has, in fact, turned into a melting pot for skillful and talented foreign workers.

A big ratio of these overseas employees is Filipino.

For higher salaries (due to Singapore’s bustling economy), Filipinos have found avenues to practice their skills in hospitality, finance and information technology.

A growing number of nurses and caregivers have also found employment here.

According to the Philippine Ambassador to Singapore, an estimated 160,000 Filipino workers were counted in the busy city.

As the numbers of Filipinos grew in the nearby Asian country, so did the need for FRONTROW to spread its wings into this “Lion City”.

The fastest-growing (and, you bet, FAST) multi-level marketing company in the Philippines officially opened its doors at Orchard Road Singapore last November 12, 2016.

Where else would FRONTROW place itself if not in the city’s retail and entertainment district, right? 😉

FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa and President RS Francisco cut the ribbon

FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa and President RS Francisco cut the ribbon for the opening of their Singapore office.

The two-day affair which started with the ribbon-cutting at the establishment, itself, gathered more than a hundred Filipinos eager to get their hands on the multi-awarded health supplements exclusively distributed by the acclaimed enterprise (and to loads of additional income, as well).

Apart from the numerous accolades that the company has already received for the life-changing opportunity, it provides, its most popular LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione was recently hailed “Most Powerful Whitening Supplement”.

The people of Singapore, indeed, have something to celebrate now that this revolutionary beauty capsule is within their reach.

But before more Singaporeans could celebrate the wonderful effects of the renowned LUXXE products, FRONTROW founders, RS Francisco, and Sam Verzosa saw to it that those who took part at the Grand Launch on November 13, 2016 (a day after the ribbon-cutting) had an absolutely great time at the Singapore Marriot Hotel…

With the company founders and leaders came along celebrity endorsers: Brazilian Model/ Actor, Fabio Ide, and Bb. Pilipinas Universe/ Actress, Bianca Manalo!

This sure made the Filipinos in Singapore ecstatic because, apart from giving them a star-struck feeling, being close to their favorite celebrities made them feel as if they were back home.

As always, Mr. Ide and Ms. Manalo were warm and accommodating to everyone at the banquet. Unlimited photo-ops were out of the question!

RONTROW Singapore’s Grand Launch, Singapore Marriot Hotel

In Photo (from left to right): FRONTROW President RS Francisco, Ms. Bianca Manalo, Amb. Antonio Morales, Mr. Fabio Ide, FRONTROW Singapore General Manager Eljine Jara, FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa, Ms. Chriszel Fajardo and Philip Gonowon at FRONTROW Singapore’s Grand Launch, Singapore Marriot Hotel.

The Philippine Ambassador to Singapore also graced this unforgettable grand launch.

While on stage, Ambassador Antonio Morales shared to the audience,

“We need to do something to turn our dreams into reality. I am thankful that FRONTROW presents the opportunity to make your dreams come true. I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and that, most of all, you will not give up on a better life.”

That was, indeed, very well said by the Ambassador, and I truly hope that these encouraging words will inspire the hard-working Filipinos in Singapore.

Grand Launch of FRONTROW Singapore

The well-attended Grand Launch of FRONTROW Singapore at the Singapore Marriot Hotel.

To FRONTROW, Congratulations for yet (another) international office.

I can’t wait to witness your NEW BREED OF ENTREPRENEURS conquer the business sector of Singapore!

I know “the business sector” sounds a tad bit serious, but (trust me on this) FRONTROW allows you to have the time of your life while you rake it in from your business. This news keeps me looking forward to what’s about to come for the “Lion City”…

To learn more about FRONTROW Singapore, please visit the business center at #304 Orchard Road #02-25 Lucky Plaza.

A business associate will always be present to assist with your needs and inquiries between the hours of 12 noon to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and between 10 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

You won’t miss it, it’s on the second-floor veranda facing Orchard Road.

I urge you to check out the FRONTROW store and discover the possibility of a finer life through self-employment! ROARRRRR!!!!!

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