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Updated common Question and Answer version 1 in Frontrow All Access


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Frontrow All Access Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I forgot password my password in All Access


A. Click forgot password, enter registered email, reset password link will be sent to your email, follow reset password link. (Suggestion isulat sa papel at itago)


Q. Invalid/Expired OTP


A1. Time issue of the keying in the OTP after 1 min. So it's expiring. Need to use within 1 min.


A2. Go to Settings, make a date and time to Automatic, and use the 12-hour clock. Would you please update the Pingo App?


Q. Ilang days ma-credit sa bank account after mag cash-out?


A. For Non-BDO, it may take up to 1 week.


Q. Nag purchase ng products pero transaction failed. And nakaltasan ang bank account?


A. send email to: and


Q. Transact Pay-in on Frontrow All Access using Debit Card. After filling up the card details, the payment is failed.


A. Turn on the settings on the bank website or App to make an online purchase or need to set the limit amount of purchase(Ex. Up to 75,000.00)


Q. Anong mangyayari kung na cash out ang income kahit hindi pa connected ang bank account sa Frontrow All Access?


A. Babalik po ito sa wallet ni member


Q. Paano ma-delete and bank account details on Frontrow All Access?


A. You can edit three attempts. If nag exceed na, request for editing at


Q. Ano ang next step para ma-cash out and income ng mga kumuha ng username and password via affidavit sa email address?


A. Automatic na may pinapadala na PINGO QR key Code na gagamitin ni member sa pag scan sa kanilang PINGO app


Q. If nagpa-member a long time ago pero hindi active, paano malalaman kung activated or na-activate na ba ang account ni member?


A. Coordinate sa dating leader para maturuan sa paggamit ng All Access pag naka-register na si member


Q. Maaari bang mag-register sa Frontrow All Access online?


A. Yes, yet you can also drop by sa nearest branch na open for registration and step 2


Q. Paano malalaman if napalitan/nabago ang name ni member sa system para makapag register sa Frontrow All Access?


A. Kayang makita ni Direct Upline sa kanyang Geneaology kung nabago na ito.


Q. Maaari bang palitan ni member and email address sa Frontrow All Access Account?


A. Gmail to Gmail not allowed, yahoo to Gmail, yes


Members could send a request to: Requirements: 1. Letter of Request 2. Valid IDs 3. Username, registered phone number, and Unique ID


Q. Maaari bang I-combine ni member ang pera sa kanyang E-wallet sa 1st,2nd and 3rd account para makabili ng products/voucher?


A. Sa ngayon ay wala pa ang ganitong feature sa ating Frontrow All Access


Q. Maaari bang mag cash-out si member gamit ang BDO Cash card ngunit hindi pa nakakapag-re-registration?


A. Kailangan munang tapusin and re-registration bago makapag cash-out si member sa kanyang All Access


Q. Maaari bang makita ni member kung ilang months to pay kapag ginamit ang credit card sa transaction?


A. Lahat ay 1-time payment lamang. Kung nais gawing monthly ang mode of payment, pumunta sa branch at makipag transact gamit ang credit card, i-swipe sa POS Terminat at doon ay pwedeng gawing monthly ang iyong payment


Q. Bakit hindi kaagad lumalabas ang salesmatch ni member sa kanyang All Access?


A. Kinabukasan lalabas sa report ng All Access ni member


Q. Paano makakapag log in si member kapag ang lumalabas parati ay "incorrect password"


A. Click "forgot password," then may magsesend sa registered email na link for reset password


Q. No QR code is seen on the received email


A. Refer to post on this group May 12 H-3 Pinggo no QR code


Q. How can I confirm if Re-registration is successful?


A. After successful completion of account's identification and re-registration, you should soon receive an email with your username and reset password


Q. How can I lower the resolution of my profile picture to the permitted 1 MB?


A1. With a laptop/computer. RESIZE the image using google or other software (Paint, Photo Editor, etc.) to reduce the size.


A2. With mobile phone: Use a smaller image or TAKE SCREENSHOTS until the file size is reduced to proper upload size.


Q. Can I create a Gmail account without a phone number?


A. Yes. Leaving your phone number is optional but preferred.


Q. My Yahoo Email doesn't receive OTPs and emails.


A1. INPUT "" in your email search bar


A2. You may also check your SPAM folder for emails. If you find the email from FRONTROW here, please move it to the inbox so subsequent emails will land in the inbox instead of the SPAM folder.


A3. If A1 A2 and still no OTP, change email from yahoo to Gmail


Q. When can I view my accurate Daily Summary Reports and Points Breakdown Report?


A. Processing takes place at night, for accurate reports may verify the next day - after 2 am PH Time. *FRIENDLY TIP FOR ANY EMAIL SERVICE. Create a FRONTROW folder where you can move and store all FRONTROW emails for future reference.


Q. What will I do if my accounts are wrongly grouped?


A1. Notify the FRONTROW ALL ACCESS TEAM to rectify the issue.


A2. DO NOT proceed to UPGRADE or ADD NEW SUPPLEMENTARY ACCOUNTS until this is resolved. Accounts generated under these circumstances can not be transferred or modified. They will either be SUSPENDED or TERMINATED.


Q. What will I do if an UPGRADE or NEWLY ADDED Supplementary Account(02,03) does not reflect in the system?


A1. Make sure that the payment for Upgrade or Supplementary Account is Successful. For this, there should be a PAYMENT RESPONSE and SUCCESS NOTIFICATION at the end of the transaction.


A2. It is recommended that you COPY or TAKE A SCREENSHOT or the PAYMENT RESPONSE for future reference.


A3. Submit a ticket to support


Q. Can I collect products OUTSIDE the country of voucher purchases?


A1. Due to the PRICE DIFFERENCE IN EACH COUNTRY, you can only collect products from the SAME COUNTRY as the FRONTROW Store/Cashier of purchase. Ex. Products Voucher purchased in PH - MUST Claim product in the Philippines. Product Voucher purchased in AU. MUST claim products in Australia.


A2. Once SHIPPING is available, items purchased in a specific country can be shipped directly to another country using the system.


Q. Where will the VOUCHER OTP be sent after a successful usage of the Voucher Code?


A. Voucher OTP will be sent to the email that was used in purchasing voucher/s


Q: Do we have minimum cash out?

A: Yes, a minimum of Php450.00 Kapag kayo ay nag cash out ng mababa dito hindi po ito gagana


Q: Anong araw po may sumasagot dito sa All Acces Group?

A: Encoders same sa office hours ng Head office Monday to Saturday


Q: May rewards ako ng February pero di pumasok or kulang?

A: Magkakaroon ng recalculation ng Feb rewards after I release ang April at May rewards


Q: Ilang days bago pumasok sa bank account ni member kapag sya ay nag cash out?

A: 3 to 4 days for BDO accounts. Unless may error sa Bank info, the amount will be returned to the wallet, and the member should correct bank info. Suppose locked then email request to support team to unlock bank details.


Q: Is there a way to track all the cash-out transactions on Frontrow All Access? A: Check your wallet reports.


Q: Ano ang susunod na step after mag email ng concern at makatanggap confirmation email with issue number?

A: Ang iyong concern ay nakapila na at may nakalagay na Issue no., Antayin lamang ang susunod na email kapag naayos/or nakahanap na ng solusyon sa concern ng member.


Q: Mas convenient bang gamitin ni member ang bank account niya kapag sya ay nasa Singapore or mas okay ang local bank?

A: Maaaring gamitin ang kahit anong bank account, kahit ito ay international account pa. Ang overseas transfer ay mayroon lamang na bank charge na 8 USD per transaction.


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