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Where to buy original Luxxe white or Frontrow Luxxe products?

It is difficult to know if a product is fake, especially people to cheat are good and are also innovating.

So here are some ways to make sure the Luxxe white or Frontrow products you buy are original.

  1. Do not buy products for sale in online stores such as lazada, shopee, or any website that is not from the Frontrow official website.
  2. Do not buy from sellers below the company’s suggested retail price; for example, Luxxe white is 2980 SRP; if its sales are low, then think about it. If you want to discount Frontrow products, just become a reseller or Distributor of Frontrow.
  3. And if you want to buy original Frontrow products, you can buy from legit Frontrow distributors or on the website itself like this or this online store.

I hope these tips helped you not waste your money on fakes that are spreading in the market. Thank you