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Frontrow is Hailed as The Best Company

frontrow international best company of the year

The biggest event for Networking companies all over the world just took place in Manila and the wonderful memories from this celebrated occasion will never fade.

It was in the Ynares Sports Arena, Pasig that distributors from various multi-level marketing companies converged for the Asian Networks Convention & Expo (ANCE) last March 26 and 27, 2017.

It was during this affair that MLM practitioners had the huge opportunity to listen to key speakers from their fast-growing and highly promising industry.

Along with these networking legends, it was an incredible honor that a FRONTROW representative was hand picked by ANCE to share his experiences and insights on multi-level marketing.

Carlos Antonio Garcellano, who spoke with the likes of Simon Chan (Coach, Speaker and Online Marketer) and Evan Klassen (Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Singer, and Songwriter) emphasized the importance of one’s loyalty to his/her organization.

That, together, we will grow with our company and that these two elements coexist – company and distributor.

It was truly a shining moment for the country’s most youthful and aggressive MLM player to see one of their stars speak to the undeniably large and diverse audience. Although I have to tell you that the shining did not end at this moment.

frontrow international sports car

frontrow sports car

The convention that began on March 26, featuring big-shot entrepreneurs from around the globe, was sealed on the evening of March 27 with a grand gala night. The celebration was kicked off by a parade of luxury sports vehicles.

Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Camaros and Dodge Challengers of distinct and lively colors filled the parking facility of Ynares Sports Arena.

One would immediately suppose that they were in a scene from a Fast & The Furious Movie with all the awesome wheels apparently owned by FRONTROW distributors.

And for the record, all these vehicles were acquired through hard-earned income as the latter refuses to give cars as incentives.

You’d be surprised that although these came from pure earnings, the parking lot, mainly dominated by FRONTROW cars, left no room for more vehicles hours before the main event.

The Ynares Sports Arena was beautifully set up with touches of gold, and if not for the bleachers on the sides, you’d completely forget that this is normally a venue for basketball games.

All the more upon seeing the regal guests all dressed to the nines. If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to witness, you would agree that it was a night for the stars… stars who dream big.

Coming from one of FRONTROW’s biggest stars, Emil Gatacilio, who has bestowed the Rising Star (Male Category) Award this magical evening, “I came from the bottom and I was already so tired of being there.

This is what allowed me to dream and to be where I am today as I continue to aim for the top”.

From walking (miles and miles) with his own two feet just to get to work, Emil is now happily married with two kids, a beautiful home and a vast collection of luxury vehicles.

Truly, Emil is a living testimony of how multi-level marketing can transform lives, especially when done correctly and with proper guidance.


And as stated earlier, FRONTROW really really shined this evening because apart from the ostentatious display of sports cars and Emil Gatacilo’s Rising Star Award, the multi-level company received the ultimate and most coveted “Best Company of the Year” award from the ANCE.

Cheer filled the arena as CEO Sam Verzosa, President Raymond Francisco and Mentor Richmond Yu approached the stage.

Merely on its seventh year since conception, it was truly a big surprise for FRONTROW that they were called to receive this huge honor.

Albeit the numbers of lives that have positively changed and a number of young entrepreneurs molded by the winning enterprise can’t be denied.

The most piercing moment during this occasion was when Richmond Yu shared the secrets to success that he imparts to FRONTROW distributors- Love, Respect, and God.

It is no wonder that with such a foundation, we do see a number of members and young networkers soar high in this organization.

Members that President Raymond thanked for making this victory possible. When asked what’s next for FRONTROW, Francisco responded: “Since our company’s biggest competition is itself, expect constant change and constant improvement on its way.”

But allow me to stress that, before anything else, one should start with BELIEVING… believing in one’s self and believing in one’s dreams.

As we heard in a famous song and as stated by FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa “There can be miracles when you believe.”

Trust that there are miracles with FRONTROW, the Best Company of the Year!

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