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The Best Health and Beauty Regime and Business Opportunities

Best Global Company of the Year and won 18 awards at Asia Leaders Awards

It’s no secret that Filipinos are conscious of their beauty regime. Gone are the days when most of us go for anything as long as it’s affordable or easy to purchase. 

Now, many of us have become more discerning than ever — depending only on cost-efficient brands that provide quality products that will keep us coming back for more.

Frontrow Best Global Company of the Year and won 18 awards at Asia Leaders Awards

One of those brands that Filipinos trust is Frontrow. This company, founded by President RS Francisco and CEO Sam Verzosa, has captured the hearts of its consumers because of its award-winning health supplements and cosmetic line that have proven to provide great results.

From starting small in 2009 back in Manila, the company has grown to over 200 branches — with an international presence in Singapore, India, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, and the UAE, with plans to launch more branches in other countries soon.

Frontrow started its presence in the UAE back in 2014, with just one office in Dubai. It has now branched out to Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, with over 20,000 members in the Gulf region. 

It is also the first and currently the only Filipino member company of trade association Direct Selling Association in UAE (DSA UAE).

However, aside from its quality items, Frontrow also provides opportunities for everyone to pursue an entrepreneurial path. 

In fact, the company is one of the leading Direct Selling companies and by far the most awarded MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Direct Selling company in the Philippines. 

It has been recognized by ANCE (Asian Networkers Convention & Expo) as the Best Global Company of the Year and won 18 awards at Asia Leaders Awards — including OFW Company of the Year.

Best Global Company of the Year and won 18 awards at Asia Leaders Awards

Aside from getting a 50 percent discount on products, Frontrow members get a chance to become an independent distributor, where they can start sharing and introducing Frontrow products to friends, family, or colleagues, through direct selling.

Here are some of the products of Frontrow:

Luxxe Supplements

These halal-tested supplements, manufactured in the USA by AIE Pharmaceuticals, allow you to feel good from within, leading to a youthful glow on the outside when accompanied with proper diet and exercise.

frontrow international products picture

Frontrow Celebrity Soaps

With this hyper-lightening and resurfacing soap, you get to be the star of the show as you get clear, smooth, and fair skin. Use this product constantly and feel like a celebrity with glowing skin from head to toe!

Luxxe White Reveal Cosmetics Line

Filipinos have always been fond of all things Korean, and Luxxe White Reveals’ Dynamic Duo Hybrid Stick and Instabright Body Crème will surely not disappoint.

The Dynamic Stick combines the amazing powers of a BB and CC Cream. It can be used for moisture, sun protection, skin clarity, or smooth and long-wearing coverage for 16 hours.

The Instabright Body Crème, meanwhile, offers the ultra-hydrating formula from South Korea that guarantees glowing skin — giving you that look even Oppas will love!

Frontrow Cares

Frontrow Cares Foundation, formed in 2017 by Francisco and Verzosa, aims to share the company’s gains with the less fortunate members of society. 

It has also entered a partnership with Miss Universe Organization to extend its blessings to a wider reach and a greater platform to give back to the community.

frontrow cares foundation

For more information about the latest products and updates from Frontrow, contact us.

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