Luxxe White FAQs (#20 Guide from Owner Will Surprise You)

Would you like to know how to take Luxxe White to achieve the best results?

This guide will help you.

Best part...

The number 20 is personal tips from our Frontrow Owner Direk RS Francisco.  (keep reading). :)

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What is Luxxe White?

LUXXE WHITE is an ENHANCED GLUTATHIONE ACCELERATOR. LUXXE WHITE help supports the body's own production and preservation of Glutathione. It is clinically tested to be easily absorbed by the body, as compared to regular glutathione therefore, providing a more radiant and glowing complexion you've always dreamed of.

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How To Take Luxxe White and FAQs

1. How many days will Luxxe white take effect?

The Luxxe White Glutathione effect depends on the individual body. Remember we have a different and unique body. But this is not a magic pill you need to go on the process of detoxifying your body.

Since we have a different lifestyle, the food we eat, the place we live, and more. Patience is the key. :)

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2. Why is it that some people see results early and others take longer?

Results vary because everyone has a different metabolism. It also depends on your baseline Glutathione level. Their body has fewer toxins to detox means they have a healthy body. 

Sometimes people around you will first and notice the change of your fair skin tone than you.

3. Luxxe White recommended dosage?

Take Luxxe White 30 minutes before meals for best absorbed in the body. Take 2 or more capsules times per day for the best results. For a fast result, you can take 4 or more capsules every 4 hours daily.

I recommend partner it with Luxxe protect, Instabright body creme best sunblock for the body, and our best Frontrow whitening soap.

4. Is there such a thing as glutathione overdose?

There is no known overdosage because LUXXE WHITE is water-soluble, any excess. Glutathione is your system that will be excreted through urine or bile.

Glutathione can be taken at a daily dose of more than 500mg to some people. Luxxe White and its component ingredients are all supplements. They already exist in our bodies.

Glutathione, often referred to as “the mother of all antioxidants,” is one of the most talked-about supplements in the healthcare industry…and for good reason

Glutathione is produced and used by every single cell in the human body and, therefore, has a very wide range of scientifically-proven health effects.

5. What makes Luxxe White different compared to other whitening pills?

Aside from award-winning. LUXXE White ENHANCED Glutathione has a higher absorption rate. Compared to other REDUCED formulas found in the market.

The ingredients in LUXXE WHITE are not only powerful. But also work together in what known as antioxidant cycling.

Antioxidant cycling is a term that describes how antioxidants work together. To extend each other's lives and make each other more potent.

This is also the reason why Luxxe white is effective when it comes to whitening skin during long-term use.

Click here to see a complete list of AWARDS

6. Is it advisable to continue using some whitening creams or gels while using?

Personally, Big Yes! You may continue using skin whitening cream and gels while taking LUXXE WHITE. It's a big help if you're after on skin whitening.

I recommend trying our instant and progressive first-ever Korean body cream lotion Instabright.

7. Can LUXXE WHITE give me an equal skin tone all over me?

The best about Luxxe White is it allows us to achieve a fair and even skin tone. Unlike other reduced types of glutathione, Luxxe White will give you a fair skin tone overall body.

8. Is LUXXE WHITE a drug, vitamin, or supplement? 

  • LUXXE WHITE is considered a food and dietary supplement. 
  • It is not a drug and there are no known contraindications and precautions. 

9. Should I stop taking the pill once I have achieved my desired skin tone?

  • Once you have achieved your desired skin tone/complexion. You can stop because your glutathione level is already boosted. 
  • Your skin will remain fair unless exposed to direct sunlight that causes sunburn. 
  • But as long as you have achieved your desired result, it will not turn back to your previous skin-tone. 
  • But, if you have noticed that you're no longer satisfied with your skin. You could take ONE (1) capsule of LUXXE WHITE. For maintenance purposes or use our whitening soap instead. 

10. Is it safe to expose my skin to sunlight while taking LUXXE WHITE?

Whether you take Luxxe White or not, you should always protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

Sunlight provides Vitamin D, but overexposure will affect the whitening process.

Always stay in the shade. Use an umbrella or use sunblock or sunscreen lotion. That provides an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 45-60 to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

I personally recommend you need to use sunblock every day.

You may try Frontrow's newest Korean Skin Care InstaBright Body Creme Lotion it contains the highest SPF25.

Award-winning as the Most Luxurious Skin Whitening Product... during the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards and Award-winning as the Most Advanced Skincare Product during the Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards Dynamic DUO BB + CC HYBRID STICK SPF50 PA+++

11. Why is LUXXE WHITE considered liver food?

The level of glutathione in the liver the delivers ability to detoxify.

The higher the glutathione content. The greater the liver capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals.

When we are exposed to chemicals. Which can damage the liver including alcohol? The concentration of glutathione in the liver reduced.

This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage. (Source: Nature's Potent Liver Remedy by Dr. Murray.)

12. Are there any Luxxe white side effects from long-term use?

There are no known side effects. Or adverse reactions with oral administration of LUXXE WHITE for prolonged use. Read more about the Benefits of Glutathione.

The only Luxxe white side effect is the SKIN WHITENING effect itself.

Recommend Watch: the YouTube video interview of Gee Sharma host of #ALAMNATHIS about the Benefits of Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione from medical expert Jeaneth Faja Cabrales a Frontrow Millionaires Club.

13. Luxxe white age limit?
  • Recommended for 18 and above. If below the said age limit kindly consult your doctor first.
14. Side effects of using Luxxe White?
  • The only side effect of LUXXE WHITE is the WHITENING of your skin. 
  • Detox and cleanse our body to prevent any disease. 

15. Is it better to take LUXXE WHITE on an empty or full stomach?

LUXXE WHITE can take 30 minutes before or after a meal but it is best taken on an empty stomach.

But it is not advisable for you to take Luxxe white on an empty stomach. If you have problems like ulcers, hyperacidity, etc.

Take it 30 mins after a meal or immediately after a meal if you have this kind of problem.

Recommend Reading: Dave Villanueva Full Story of Transformation.

16. Can men take LUXXE WHITE?

Yes, a man's basic skin structure is the same as a woman's.

17. Frontrow LUXXE White FDA and HALAL approved?

Yes, LUXXE WHITE is FDA and HALAL Approved. (see image below)

luxxe white fda and halal certificate approved

18. Where can you buy the Luxxe White glutathione capsule?
Buy only from reputable sellers at their corresponding prices. To ensure product quality and satisfaction. Visit our to buy new stock products collection free shipping nationwide and global.
Note: Ask for a company ID and other valid ID's
Can I buy the Luxxe white in mercury drug,  Watsons, Lazada, Shopee, or malls?
Answer: Again you can buy Luxxe white from Frontrow Distributors.
We delivery Luxxe White International:
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Kuwait, Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, Macau, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, India, Lebanon, Brunei, Spain and more.

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Also, kindly read our Frontrow Owner's official statement.
About fake Luxxe white, lazada, shoppe offering below suggested retails price. Don't settle for less if you deserve the best. 

Please Tag everyone concerned... SHARE IF YOU. CARE.




The shocking proliferation of FAKE LUXXE products has been brought to our attention.

In fact, 4 out of 10 LUXXE products available in the market today have been identified as fake, tampered, or, even worse, re-packaged.

Please beware of these fake items and refrain from purchasing and consuming counterfeit merchandise as it may greatly affect your precious health.

We also advise our distributors to stop posting at selling sites that offer products below SRP such as LAZADA, SHOPEE, and the likes.

There have been countless complaints from customers receiving products DIFFERENT from what was pictured in the aforementioned sites.

Therefore, it is most likely for consumers to doubt the authenticity of your merchandise when offered in these selling sites.




RS Francisco - FRONTROW President
Sam Verzosa - FRONTROW CEO

warning luxxe white authentic vs fake

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Luxxe White Content

  • L-Glutamic acid - 180mg
What Is L-Glutamic Acid?
L-glutamic acid, also known as glutamic acid, is one of the many components of proteins.
Like its fellow amino acid glutamate, it is produced naturally by the body; but it is a different type of amino acid.
While many people take glutamine supplements. L-glutamic acid is produced naturally by the body in amounts adequate for most people.
It also has some surprising effects on both the brain and the environment. 
Glycine - 200mg
Glycine is the amino acid that has a single hydrogen atom. As its side chain. It is the simplest possible amino acid. The chemical formula of glycine is NH₂‐CH₂‐COOH. Glycine is one of the proteinogenic amino acids.
L-Cysteine - 120mg
L-cysteine is used for therapeutic and nutritional to improve the health of humans.
It’s a basic building block of glutathione, which has been “the mother of all antioxidants.”
L-cysteine supplementation, also known as N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC). Valued for its ability to increase glutathione levels in the body. Which is important for lung function, brain function, and liver detoxification.
Because some health conditions deplete your glutathione levels. You need L-cysteine to make more within your brain and body tissues.
NAC - 100mg
NAC has so many uses and can help people with a diverse set of issues. Including mood disorders, brain issues, lung problems, sleep disorders. Infections and in states of oxidative stress.  It can even help protect you from the flu.
Vitamin C - 100mg
Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is abundant in vegetables and fruits.
A water-soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant. It helps the body form and maintains connective tissue. Including bones, blood vessels, and skin.
Alpha Lipoic Acid - 50mg
Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that's in many foods, and it's made in our bodies.
For many years. High doses of alpha-lipoic acid supplements have been used in parts of Europe. For certain types of nerve damage. Studies suggest that they might also help with the type of diabetes.

Grapeseed Extract - 25mg 
The grape seed extract is an industrial derivative of grape seeds. Rich in antioxidants and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes.
The extract has been linked to a wide range of possible therapeutic properties.
Total: 1 Capsule (775mg) per Capsule Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule
  • Each capsule of Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione (775mg) contains:
  • Glutathione Blend- L-Glutamic Acid (180mg), Glycine (200mg), L-Cysteine (120mg).
  • Vitamin C 100mg- known as a potent booster of glutathione.
  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) 100mg- can help reduce the appearance of blemishes. Age spots and even wrinkles.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 50mg- has been a direct link to skincare. As a primary antioxidant that prevents aging and inflammation.
  • Grapeseed Extract 25mg- grape seeds and grape seed extract. Are rich in powerful antioxidants and natural plant compounds called oligomeric.

19. How to take Luxxe white and Luxxe protect at the same time?

Give time interval on both taking both.

20. Best time to take Luxxe white glutathione and how many capsules per day?

Best tips from our Frontrow President Direk Raymond Francisco on proper intake of Luxxe White. 

  • You take Luxxe White 30 minutes before meals for best absorption in the body.  
  • Take 4x a day. 1 per drink... 
  • Not 2 per as you will only "weewee" the excess thus sayang lang yun gluta.
  •  Space it out. 1 every 4 hours. Better an empty stomach.
  • The darker you are.. the longer it will start to take effect of-course.
  • Expect to see changes only after 3 bottles of regular use. 

    Guys... This is base on all the users we have.
    If you start to break out that means it's already starting to cleanse the body of all the toxins...
    Keep going...
    It will dry up and be better after the "storm".
    Don't give up on the first. Second. Or a third bottle...
    Because that's the only time your starting to "load up" *your system with glutathione...
    And the whitening happens as a side effect.
    Even I.. Have to drink it up to 4 x a day because I got super dark in Dubai.
    Don't forget to use a sunblock din of course.
    Thanks, guys. Keep the faith."

    Why I should buy Luxxe White compare to other brands? 

    Hailed as the “Most Effective Whitening Supplement” for several years. Today's Most Powerful Whitening Supplement” as well as “Best Quality Skin Whitening Supplement”,  LUXXE White Enhanced Glutathione has improved the image of many. By delivering dramatic whitening results.
    luxxe white awards

    Benefits of Luxxe White:

    • A health supplement that utilizes and maximizes the glutathione. Natural produced by our bodies. 
    • Glutathione is THE “master anti-oxidant” with the primary purpose of cleansing our liver. (as well as other body organs) and thoroughly detoxifying our bodies.  
    • LUXXE White ENHANCED Glutathione has a higher absorption rate. Compared to other REDUCED formulas found in the market.  
    • SIDE EFFECT: Allows you to achieve a fair and even skin tone… 

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      21. Luxxe White effective ba?
      Luxxe White is a multi-awarded as the most effective glutathione in the world. Google the thousands of satisfied users.
      22. Is Luxxe white safe for pregnant/buntis and breastfeeding?
      For safety purposes. We'll not recommend it. Hindi muna pinahintulutan. Antayin matapos ang breastfeeding saka gumamit ng luxxe white para maka siguro na safe ang bata.
      23. Is Luxxe white effective for pimples, acne scars, and skin problems?
      The best part about luxxe white it's 80% master antioxidant and 20% skin whitening means it will first detoxify your body and before you'll see the skin whitening result.

      *(Normal na magka pimple breakouts, because of its part of a detox or cleansing your organs after that mawawala lahat and doon kana start puputi at magiging even and pinkish ang skin mo.

      Maganda sabayan mo ng Luxxe Protect bunos Luxxe Renew for the fast and ultimate result.)*

      24. Can Luxxe white whiten underarms?
      It could give you even skin tone all over your body.

      *Hindi sya katulad ng ibang glutathione sa market na hindi patay ang skin tone mo. Sa luxxe white magiging pantay ang kaputian  mo.*

      25. Is it okay to drink coffee while taking glutathione?

      Yes of course! According to Business Insider, a study of half a million people found more evidence that drinking coffee is associated with a longer life.

      Make it sure that you don't use coffee to serve as water while taking your Luxxe white.

      26. You can see the Expiration date at the bottom of the bottle. See the below picture.

      luxxe white expiration date

      27. Luxxe white can remove pimples?

      Glutathione is a skin whitening agent and a major anti-oxidant. It works by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme in the body which causes the darkening of the skin.
      Glutathione does not cause acne breakouts or pimples. ... Glutathione never causes acne breakouts.
      It can help removes toxins in our body and get rid of our pimples, acne and more.


      28. How long to see the effect of Luxxe White?

      The level of effect depends on our body. 

      You can learn here: about the health benefits of Glutathione and its role as the body's great protector.

      29. Luxxe white is good for anti-aging?

      One of the best benefits of glutathione is Anti-Aging.

      30. Luxxe White is good for hepatitis b?

      Developed chronic hepatitis B (CHB) causes death in approximately one million ..... which is beneficial to the recovery of liver function in a short period of time. Glutathione helps boost our liver function. But before taking glutathione to make sure you consult your doctor first. 

      31. How much is Luxxe white?

      • Suggested retail price: PHP2,980
      • Members price: PHP1,490

      32. How much is Luxxe white in mercury drug?

      You can't buy any Frontrow Luxxe Products in any drug store, malls, and etc...

      You can buy from official members or distributors.

      33. luxxe white safe for pregnant or breastfeeding?

      Consult your doctor first. :)

      34. Benefits of Luxxe white and Luxxe protect?

      Do I need to take both? Yes, if you want a fast result. Luxxe Protect is an immune booster that is more potent than vitamin E and C. The best help to boost our glutathione.

      35. How to know if Luxxe white is fake?

      If you buy it below the suggested price. That's fake or expired or else you order Luxxe white you receive other products. Want to prove to see comment and reviews in like online stores.
      But why??? I saved my money from buying a low price!!!
      Big Nope! Friendly reminder...
      Safety first before anything else...
      Yes, you saved your money, and after that nothing will happen to you. You will blame the products blah blah blah...
      Make sure before you buy anything to make a research first.
      Don't be a *fool* of big discounts and offers.
      If you want our products DISCOUNT???
      Buy our membership package.
      Automatic you will avail the best 50% discount lifetime.
      Now you can continue using our products.
      Once you'll see the results. Friends will ask your beauty secret.

      You can refer to the product they will buy also plus you will earn a commission and lots of Frontrow benefits. Isn't it amazing!

      Luxxe White Reviews

      Learn and inspired from our testimony, reviews, before and after.

      Christina Blue Testimony

      Sige! Ilabas natin yung pinaka karumal dumal sa buong mundo 😂 mandiri kana kung mandiri. 

      Sabihin mo lahat ng pinahid mo sa mukha mo, napahid ko na yan!
      Laki narin ng nagastos mas dumadami din naman. Kakapagod nakaka stress!
      Di makalabas ng bahay akala mo kung sinong aswang nakita. There! Di dahil nagbebenta ako neto isisales talk ko na sya ha?
      Sadyang grabe yung effect sakin kaya naging reseller ako.

      Baka lang kasi isa karin sa mga katulad kong gastos dito gastos duon wala namang nagbago.

      christina blue before and after luxxe white 

      Search Luxxe white on google, lalabas sya as the Most Effective master anti-oxidant and powerful whitening capsule na mag lilinis ng buong katawan mo and you'll never imagine na mas may igaganda kapa pala 💕

      Thank you Luxxe white and Luxxe Protect ng sobra sobra!
      For inquiries and pano sya i-take ng tama, turo ko sayo anong ginawa ko. Message lang! Godspeed!

      PS. Bakit may mga dugo? Alam mo yung sa tusok tusok tas lulusot ang pimple? Di ko alam ano basta yun. Ansaket pero desperada na te kaya go haha! 

      Christina Blue Personal Tips How to Take Luxxe White

      Sekretong pantay and healthy white? Luxxe white!
      Straight 3 months: 6x every day, every 4hrs Another 3 months: 4x every day, every 4hrs After the process: twice daily

      I also pair it with Luxxe protect to boost the glutathione and Luxxe Renew to make my skin pinkish under the sun ☺️😍 THANK YOU FRONTROW!

      tips how to take luxxe white by christina blue


      Here are video tips from Christina blue on How To Take Luxxe White. 

      Recommend Reading: 22+ Ultimate Best Tips How To Take Luxxe White by Christina Blue

      Luxxe White How-to Take Video

      Watch the video below as she explains and answers the question on how to take Luxxe White and other Frontrow Products.


      Dave Villanueva Luxxe Testimony

      Elementary, Highschool, College. Halos buong buhay ko puro pang-bubully nalang naranasan ko.
      Kaya nagpursige ako makahanap ng magandang trabaho.
      Akala ko magbabago na yung buhay ko pero kagaya lang din ng dati, napapansin padin ako gawa ng kulay ng balat ko. Na-bubully padin ako sa office.

      Yes, taga-probinsiya ako. Totoo nga ang sabi ng ibang tao, iba ang init sa probinsiya.

      No wonder kung bakit maiitim ako.

      Nung nag-umpisa na akong magtrabaho, wala sa priority ko ang itsura ko.

      Masuportahan ko lang yung family ko, masaya nako.

      Pero darating talaga yung oras na tatanungin mo yung sarili mo, "Eto naba talaga ako?"

      24 oras dave villanueva luxxe white transformation

      Gluta, kojic, whitening soap, lotion, bleach at kung ano ano pa.

      Lahat yata ng produkto nasubukan ko na.

      Kung ano anong brand, may mura, may mahal.

      Pumuti at mawala lang ang taghiyawat lahat gagawin at susubukan ko.

      Read the full story of Dave Villanueva Transformation here.

      Then one day, may naka-kwentuhan akong office mate ko.

      Marami ding pimples pero nagulat ako parang unti unting nawawala mga pimples niya.

      I-try ko daw yung ginagamit niya, nung una ayoko kasi mejo pricey siya unlike other products na nasubukan ko na.
      Naghati pa kami sa isang bote.

      As early as two weeks napansin ko may nagbago, may naiba.

      Kaya I really did my best sa office para maka-incentive at matuloy tuloy ko yung pag-take nito.

      Buti nalang pala talaga nag-LUXXE WHITE ako, kung hindi baka hanggang ngayon binibully parin ako.

      Click here to Buy Luxxe White...

      If you have a question. Leave your comment below. Don't forget to share! 


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          Online marketplace will level the playing field and will eliminate multi level marketing business strategy.

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