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Men Who Matter 2019 Congrats to Frontrow CEO and President

Men Who Matter 2019 Congrats to Frontrow CEO and President

Men Who Matter 2019. Congratulations to our beloved Frontrow International CEO Sir Sam Verzosa and President Direk Raymond Francisco you are truly an inspiration to us.

Repost from People Asia.

Yes, Sam Versoza and RS Francisco are business partners and colleagues. But more than that, they’re friends.

These two go way back, being members of UP Samaskom in the ‘90s.

Before they hit their stride as the men behind Frontrow. One of the top multilevel marketing companies in the country.

Direk Rs Francisco on Sharing:

“Not everything that is given to you is YOURS.

You need to share it with everyone. Be it TALENT, WISDOM or FINANCIAL FREEDOM… even TIME.

ONE must impart of (and share) all those... To completely become WHOLE. ❤️”.

With this recognition, I am deeply humbled once again to be of service to you.

Thank you, StarGate People Asia for making me one of the distinguished awardees for your list for 2019 MEN WHO MATTER.

I, once again.. Thank you.

men who matter 2019 raymond francisco and sam verzosa

My heart still is in shock.

Humbled and grateful…

I wanna thank each and everyone for this prestigious recognition.

You are all my inspiration.

rs francisco men who matter awardee

Thank you, thank you People Asia for naming me as a Man Who Matters.

It means a lot to be honored among men who have made such an impact on Filipino society.

Though I wish to add that each one of us recognized this evening are no different from anyone else.

Come to think, as human beings, all us ARE “matter”. We are all made of mass and we all occupy space, don’t we?

So it is not really who and what we are that makes us matter, but what matters is how we are able to make a difference and touch other people’s lives.

men who matter raymond francisco award

So personally, I have my FRONTROW family and all those who have let me in their hearts and beings for giving me a reason to matter.

And to People Asia, thank you, once again, not just for honoring us this evening, but also for being an encouragement for more Filipinos to do gestures and deeds that truly matter.

Thank you to my longtime dear friend Boomer Bumbum Tenorio for writing the most heartfelt article in #PeopleAsia 💋💋💋

I am very grateful… 💝💝💝

Maraming Salamat Po.

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without my Business Partner Raymond Francisco.

men who matter 2019 sam verzosa
CEO Sam Verzosa stands proud in front of tonight’s event’s photo wall, featuring People Asia’s Men Who Matter 2019, happening now at New World Hotel.

Who has mentored me and taught me a lot of about life especially on generosity that made me the man I am today.. thank you for everything bro!

We are Proud we grew up BATANG MAYNILA, Batang Tondo at Sampaloc.
It is the challenges of everyday life n struggles in our Hood that made us what we are now!

MEN WHO MATTER 2019 Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa
MEN WHO MATTER 2019: Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and FRONTROW CEO Sam Verzosa

Subok sa tibay subok sa lakas!! 😉😎

Personally though I'm not worthy of being part of this list.

But seeing one of my own being recognized and celebrated like the Future of this country.

It made me feel like I need to be MORE of myself and give EVERYTHING that I can to People that need it most.


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